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With over 60 years of combined experience and expertise in self-mastery and personal empowerment, Aingeal Rose & Ahonu bring practical spirituality into a fast changing world so you can find it easier to live, love and grow.

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Aingeal Rose & Ahonu never leave you without a method, or technique, or guidance on how to grow in awareness. Learn how to become more psychic, how to read the Akashic Records, how to transform yourself with Journaling, how to see Auras, how to practice Psychic Laser, how to become a healer, and more! 

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You will feel the wisdom and guidance from the vast library in Source’s Database to inspire and guide you as a seeker of truth to step into your true power. You too can be inspired and catalyzed in a positive way on your path of personal growth and spiritual awareness.

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You will discover life-changing insights, including finding answers to questions regarding life’s deeper issues, and especially the purpose of life and why we are here. Feel fully reinforced by the balance and harmony of the Divine Masculine and Feminine.

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Happy Clients

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Tuesday was fabulous and your discussion is beyond most peoples awareness. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your hearts and your love. I treasure it all!

Perhaps you could send out this one recording to all in our group as well... I know they'd love it.

​Evolving in love,

Douglas Vernon

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Thousands have paved the way for you!

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I'm a big fan of both yourself and Aingeal Rose, I've been channelling information from the Angels and Source for last 8 years so really looking forward to doing this course as a student :)

A lot of your information has confirmed information for me that I was too nervous to share, so a big Thank You :)

Blessings on you both,

Brian McCullen

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Thank you both so much for sharing this wonderful teaching and experience... the discoveries were very insightful.

I'm paying attention to my dream state and even did another jump on my own today!

Thank you for your gifts and insights and sharing them with others. I feel blessed our paths have crossed and we are neighbors!

With love and blessings always!

Sue Padden

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Woooooow! Did you write these profound statements just for me? They feel directed to me, as they're everything I am working on!

There is so much good information here.

AHONU! That voice must be heard throughout the world. If ever there was a soothing, melodious voice one can trust, it's yours. You should most definitely be narrating for a living because your voice is a gift!

Patrice Ekins

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It means so much to me to have a connection to Source and this very valuable information through you. Ever since I heard you on Coast to Coast, Aingeal Rose, I felt that I really resonated with you and the information you were delivering.

When I heard you mention "Your Highest Career" you shot up to the top of my list of wonderful psychics, or channels or other types of connections to Source information.

Jeannie Dudd

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I've worked with Aingeal Rose for years and each time we have a reading, it's amazing!

​Aingeal Rose, you know I love what you do & am excited I can share it on FB and so many people will have the opportunity to work with you if they choose!

Cindy Phillips

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The World of Empowerment is a self-expansive experience - be ready for change!

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